Great Travels, Inc.

Your Italy Travel Advisor - Is Traveling On!!

After 20+ wonderful years leading tours in Italy and helping travelers plan their trips to Italy and beyond, Great Travels has closed its business. Our thanks to all our colleagues in Italy who contributed to our success and to our many delightful clients.

Patti Absher


Patti has been designing custom and small group tours to Italy for 20 years. She is a world traveler having lived abroad in Italy and also Thailand where she taught English as a Peace Corps Volunteer. She counts among her professional friends many guides, estate owners, vacation rental firms and hotel owners in Italy. To keep up with the constant changes in a dynamic country like Italy, she spends a month or more there every year. The last book she read was, "The Lost Painting," by Jonathan Harr, a true story of the discovery of a long-lost painting by Michelangelo Caravaggio. She delights in sharing her love and knowledge of Italy with curious travelers.

Last Updated: July 16, 2014